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Fic Challenge #3 - Prompt

While we're waiting for the last fic to come in for Fic Challenge #2, I thought I'd go ahead & put the prompt up for Fic Challenge #3. :) This week's prompt is a little different...

Usual guidelines:
- Please read the rules HERE before participating.
- If you would like to submit a prompt to be considered for future fic challenges, you can post them in a screened comment HERE

Fic Challenge #3:

Prompt: "Fools and thralls talk of good and evil. Their masters think in time and place" from Dragon Outcast by E. E. Knight. As always, you are free to interpret the prompt however you like.
Deadline for Posting Fic: Monday, April 20th, midnight GMT (8pm EST)
Posting Guidelines: Fic must be tagged with: fic challenge: 3. E. E. Knight to be eligible. Please also follow the comm rules and tag your fic by author, rating & genre.

As always, if you have any comments, questions or concerns, please feel free to comment here or PM me. I'm very flexible on the deadline so if you need it adjusted, please speak up! :D
Tags: fic challenge: 3. e. e. knight, mod post: challenges

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